Holistic Kinesiology

Finding the origin of our imbalance,
through various tests based in the response of muscle tone


¿What is Holistic Kinesiology?

It is the technique that combines all alternative techniques and it’s objective is to find the origin of our ailment, through various tests based in the response of muscle tone.

Our body is able to distinguish between what benefits or harms it. Very quickly, our pupils contract, the electrical resistance of the skin changes, there are also changes to the electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram records as well as to our muscle tone.

Holistic Kinesiology is a method of bioenergetic evaluation, based on a dialogue with the body, with the integral and holistic organism. It is a non-verbal dialogue, because it is usually incomplete. This method, has been developed in Europe by Raphael van Assche and complemented in Spain and Latin America by Juan Francisco Ballesteros Duarte.

In some Latin American countries, Kinesiology is linked to Physiotherapy. In Spain and in many other countries the word Kinesiology is not used in that field and the translation is kept to “Specialised Kinesiology”, “Energy Kinesiology”, “Applied Kinesiology” or just “Kinesiology”.

Its founder, Raphael Van Assche defines Holistic Kinesiology as:
“Diagnostic system based on the observation of changes that occur in the patient’s health, as well as their tendency to fall ill. Holistic Kinesiology detects these changes through the response of muscle tone, specifically through the change in the length of the arms (AR or Arm Reflex), caused by an increase in muscle tone in the paravertebral muscle chains on the right or left side of the body”.

Etymologically, the word “Kinesiology” means Kinesis=movement and logy=study, that is, the study of movement. And the word “Holistic”, which comes from the Greek “holos”, refers to “the whole”, and indicates that the organism is a unit in itself, and that we can never separate one of its part for study, since that in fact, the behaviour of the isolated system does not correspond to its physiological reality, since it depends on the interrelation with the organism as a whole. Holistic Kinesiology understands the client as a whole in which nothing is isolated or separated: body, mind and spirit go hand in hand.

The objective is the search of the root cause of the disease or imbalance. This is how each of the symptoms that mask the true origin of the imbalance is treated, with the most appropriate therapy, understanding that these symptoms are only layers of an onion that hide the initial imbalance.

With this therapy it is given importance to any injury, emotional trauma, hormonal or chemical alteration since they are signs that form a common thread to the origin of our disease.

The therapist will perform multiple structural, neurological, chemical, emotional and energetic tests that shows the injury always explaining to the client, the reason for his condition so that he becomes aware of the changes he has caused in his body and of the effects that those actions have had on him. The consultation is not only and action on the side of the therapist but a learning on the side of the client, so that he receives recommendations to follow, from a balanced way of eating to specific exercises.

In the same consultation of Holistic Kinesiology you can receive many therapies such as: posturology, oligotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, thermal photography, orthomolecular therapy, Bach Flowers, auriculotherapy, o Biomagnetic Pair.



There are mainly three branches of Kinesiology: Applied Kinesiology by Dr. George J. Goodheart, Touch for Health by Dr. John Thie and Holistic Kinesiology by Raphael Van Assche.


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